Guide for configure the Online Ticketing

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1. Go to the “Company information” and select the Company’s name

2. Click on the dropdown in the upper right of the Company Information and select the option “Update Ticketing Service”

3. Click on the “Create/Update in Ticketing Service” button to create the App

4. Go to "Ticketing Online URL" in the company information and click on the URL to open the Ticketing Online App

5. Go to the “Exhibition” and create or edit an Exhibition

6. In the exhibition insert a Name, Start date and End date, the other fields are optional

7. In the Exhibition click on "Manage Ticketing" button to go to the Wizard

8. In the Wizard follow the steps until you reach the end, in the final step click on the "finish" button to upload the exhibition to Online Ticketing

9. Go to the Ticketing Online App that you opened in step 4 and refresh the page